jailbreak tvOS 12.1 Download For Apple TV 6 Is Out: Cydia Install It Now

Apple has just released the fifth tvOS 12.1 betas for developers. If you already have a previous tvOS beta installed, proceed to System > Software Updates and download away. If you’ve been waiting for tvOS 12.1 to start testing, your time has come. Jailbreak Apple TV 6 and 5th, 4th Generation Tutorial with Electra tvOS 12.1 Jailbreak Today, we’re going to show you how to jailbreak Apple TV 6 and 4K on tvOS 12.1! That’s right; it’s actually still possible to jailbreak an Apple TV 2018. Similar to the Electra iOS 12.1 jailbreak released last weekend, today’s utility utilizes the same exploits. In fact, the Electra Team has been working with Apple TV 6 to make Electra fully compatible with the latest Apple TVs. Unfortunately though; your Apple TV 4k or 4th generation will need to be running tvOS 12.0.2 through 12.1. This jailbreak isn’t compatible with tvOS 12.2 or 12.2.3.

Jailbreak Apple TV 6
Jailbreak Apple TV 6

tvOS 12.1 was released to the public on Last Month 2018, with new features like zero sign-on, interactive aerial screensavers, support for third-party control systems, password autofill via iOS 12.1 Running devices, and Dolby Atmos. This last addition in iOS 12.1 makes Apple TV the only set-top box with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. If you are technically savvy, here is how you can download and install tvOS 12.1 developer beta 5 on Apple TV 6.

Release Date Remind 2017/ 2018/ 2019

The fifth-gen and six gen Apple TV came out in last years so we shouldn’t expect the next model for a year and quite possibly more. Here’s when each of the models came out:

  • Apple TV (first gen): Jan 2007
  • Apple TV (second gen): Sep 2010
  • Apple TV (third gen): Mar 2012
  • Apple TV (fourth gen): Oct 2015
  • Apple TV 4 (fifth gen, 4K): Sep 2017
  • Apple TV 5 (fifth gen, 5k, 4K): Sep 2018
  • Apple TV 6 (Six gen, 6k, 4K): Sep 2019

Based on past behavior autumn 2018 really is the earliest it could possibly come out, and it seems likely that we’ll have to wait until 2019 for the next model.

Apple TV 6 price: jailbreak Tools and How Much Will It Cost?

Again, we’ll have to look to the past for some ideas on this one. But even then, without a confirmed spec list, it’s a bit tougher to home in on a specific price. We can certainly predict a price range though. As mentioned above this Apple TV 6 jailbreak functions on the tvOS equality of iOS 12.1, being tvOS 12.1.1, 12.1.2 and tvOS 12.1.3. Furthermore, due to similar restrictions found with iOS, it’s no longer possible to restore back to tvOS 12.1 or lower because the firmware’s are no longer signed by Apple. The tvOS 12.1 Jailbreak will function on the following hardware/software combinations.

Jailbreak Apple TV 6
Jailbreak Apple TV 6

The latest Apple TV available to buy right now is the fifth-gen version, which costs £179 for the 32GB version and £199 for the 64GB box. Barring some great leap forward in set-top box tech, it’s likely that the Apple TV 6 will remain in the same price range, even if UK-US exchange rates conspire to push the price a little higher than last year’s model.

Apple TV 6 Design: Cydia Install Updates and What Will It Look Like?

Can install Cydia for tvOS 12.1 to tvOS 12.1.3 versions? We have seen fake Cydia installation methods for versions which are unable to jailbreak. Cydia is a free application developed for users by famous developer Mr. Saurik. This application unable to install without tvOS 12.1 jailbreak your apple tv 6 devices.  The current Apple TV 5 is a 4 x 4in black box with curved corners and an Apple TV logo on the top. It’s unlikely that we’ll see much deviation from this simple, elegant design. The remote control, which hasn’t changed much in the past two editions either, might have a few extra buttons though, depending on any additional features.