How To jailbreak Apple TV4 (TVOS 10.0, 10.1) PanGu 10 Hack

FireCore, the guys behind the panGu tvos 10 jailbreak tool have pushed out an update that provides a tethered tv os 10 jailbreak on the most recent iOS 10 (iOS 10.1 – 9B179b) firmware. The update to the popular panGu 10 tv jailbreak tool currently merely supports the 3rd generation Apple TV4 unit and therefore will not offer several tv 10 jailbreak on the 1080p capable 4th gen Apple TV. The tethered nature of this pangu 10 jailbreak obviously means that every time the unit needs to be rebooted, it will have to be connected to your PC or Mac to be put into a jailbroken state.

Download PanGu 10 TVos 10 jailbreak Tool Here

Download PanGu 10 TVos 10 jailbreak Tool Here Windows

Download PanGu 10 TVos 10 jailbreak Tool Here Mac

jailbreak Apple TV4
jailbreak Apple TV4

Pangu 10 tvOS 10 jailbreak System Requirements for Apple TV4 jailbreak

  • At this time Pangu 10 Apple TV4 jailbreak instrument only compatible with Mac computer.
  • Apple TV4 tvOS 10.0 to 10.1 should run
  • C-type USB cable
  • Xcode application should be install to your Mac
  • You should have Apple development membership account. If you do not have Apple account, you should create before install – Get it from here

Real Tvos 10 jailbreak Step By Step Guide Incloding tvOS 10.0 Cydia Install For Apple TV4

  1. First You need Plug your power cable and USB micro cable in. Connect your USB micro cable to your PC.
  2. Download panGu 10 tvOS jailbreak instrument Update version, and install panGu 10. Run panGu 10, and it will create custom firmware, and guide you through jailbreaking your apple tv4 device including DFU mode instructions.
  3. Perform a tethered boot from pangu 10’ main screen.
  4. Verify that the FireCore logo is on your Apple TV’s interface.
  5. Jailbreak Apple TV4 with panGu 10 is simply a joy, in addition to even though it’s a tethered tvOS 10 jailbreak, rarely if ever will you require to perform a tethered boot. That is for the reason that in the majority cases the tv4 device is always supplied with power, unlike an iPhones, iPads, etc.
  6. Check out our upcoming post on the newest version a TV4 Flash (black) for supplementary directions on how to get more out of your newly jailbreak Apple TV4 Running tvOS 10.0.