Electra [2019 First] tvOS 12.2 jailbreak Guide Releace

Apple has just released the third tvOS 12.2 beta for developers. Think you want to tvOS 12.2 jailbreak your older Apple TV? This is what you need to know. If you already have a previous tvOS beta installed, proceed to System > Software Updates and download away. If you’ve been waiting for tvOS 12.2 to start testing, your time has come. Thanks to nitoTV and the Electra jailbreak developers team Team, we now have a stable jailbreak for tvOS 12.2 and tvOS 12.2.3. If you heeded our advice in the run-up to this release and stayed on the right firmware, you’re probably itching to try it out. We’ll show you how.

tvOS 12.2 Jailbreak is the method by which Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is converted to manage unknown code in order to get access to applications. This latest release is being referred to as ElectraTV, or Electra for Apple TV, and is for tvOS firmware inclusive.

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tvOS 12.2 Jailbreak
tvOS 12.2 Jailbreak

It is a tvOS port of the Electra jailbreak for iOS 12.2.1 To 12.2.2, using the exploit from CoolStar et al. and mixing in some tvOS magic from nitoTV and Jaywalker. What it does though allows you to install non-Apple software on your Apple TV 5 device. Software like XMBC that will let you stream various media from your network on to your Apple TV 5.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV (Step by Step) Running tvOS 12.2.

Good news, everyone! LiberTV has been updated and can help to make untethered jailbreak on Apple TV 4 and Apple tv 5 running tvOS 12.2.1/12.2.2. Apple TV 5 cannot be jailbroken using this tutorial, so this guide is only for those who own a first, second or 5th generation Apple TV. Also, some applications for Apple TV are not compatible with this version of iOS or tvOS.

TvOS 12 Is Launch Get Official Jailbreak TvOS 12 Download Links MAC

TvOS 12 Is Launch Get Official Jailbreak TvOS 12 Download Links WINDOWS

  1. With the Electra for tvOS 12.2 application on your Apple TV or Apple TV 4K, simply:
  2. Launch the ElectraTV app from the Home Screen.
  3. Click the tvOS 12.2 Jailbreak button and let it do its thing.
  4. It’s very reliable, but if it fails, simply reboot and try again.
  5. Notice the Set Nonce button? You won’t need it today,
  6. It might allow you to use future restore to move to unsigned firmware if you’ve saved/start saving your blobs.
  7. Once the jailbreak tvOS 12.2.1/12.2.2 has succeeded, you’ll be greeted with the following pop-up:
  8. Your SSH is running!
  9. This means you MUST change your root passwords NOW.
  10. Your Apple TV 5 will now respring.
  11. Afterward, you should find the nitoTV app on your Home Screen, which is the Cydia equivalent for tvOS.
  12. You’re now free to use SSH, install unsigned apps, and install whatever tweaks there are on nitoTV.

Tips for Jailbreak Running tvOS 12.2 For All Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 5 Users

There are several reasons to tvOS 12.2 jailbreak an older model Apple TV, not only to get more use out of it but also to: You can install the tvOS 12.2 beta Configuration Profile completely wirelessly, but you’ll need a Mac, Apple Configurator, and the latest version of Xcode.

  • Access apps and features not supported by Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 5
  • Play media in formats not supported by Apple TV
  • Use it as a media center or to install a Web browser.
  • Customize the user interface.
  • However, unless you have a huge collection of media on your own personal media server.
  • You may not need to tvOS 12.2 jailbreak at all.

ElectraTV for tvOS 12.2.1/12.2.2 is available now for download from the official Electra Jailbreak website and currently stands at version 1.0.4. Please note that unlike the iOS version of Electra, the tvOS version comes only in the non-developer flavor, based on Ian Beer’s VFS bug.

If you own a recent Apple TV model you may feel there’s no pressing need to tvOS 12.2.1 jailbreak your device because so many of the features you gain from jailbreak tvOS 12.2 your system are now made available by tvOS 12.2 applications. However, if you have an older unit around it may still make sense.